SUSTAINABILITY: Edible in-flight meal tray design.

21. October 2019 | Waste, Material, Plastics | via


Edible airline meal tray. (Credit: PriestmanGoode)

According to an article on, the new meal tray is made from completely food-safe, biodegradeable constituents. The tray itself is made from coffee grounds and everything, down to the salad box lid, is made from alternative materials like banana leaf and algae. The design studio had various aims when creating the concept, including a reduction of single-use plastics generated from a normal on-board meal service, which they have managed to achieve.

Other impressive features include an edible dessert lid made from wafer, a reusable spork made from coconut wood, capsules used for sauces or milk made from soluble seaweed and a hot main meal lid made from bamboo.