SUSTAINABILITY: Biodegradable N95 masks.


“Can-Mask” designed by UBC's BioProducts Institute (Credit:

According to a news report of the University of British Columbia, researchers at the BioProducts Institute have stepped up to the challenge, designing what could be the very first N95 mask that can be sourced and made entirely in Canada. It’s also possibly the world’s first fully compostable and biodegradable medical mask.

In the report they state that the mask frame is made entirely from B.C. wood fibres from sources such as pine, spruce, cedar and other softwoods. One prototype uses a commercial N95 filter on the front of the mask, the other uses a filter specially designed by the UBC team from wood-based products. Both prototypes are currently being tested to ensure they meet health industry specifications for fit and permeability, with plans to apply for Health Canada certification in the near future.

“Can-Mask” by UBC's BioProducts Institute