SHELLMET: A Shell-Inspired Helmet Made From Clamshells.

15. January 2023 | Waste, Material | via


Shellmet - product design by Quantum. (Credit:

Japanese company Koushi Chemical Industry, in collaboration with the village of Sarufutsu and startup design studio Quantum developed Shellmet, a helmet made from discarded shells from the food industry. At the fishing community in Sarufutsu village around 40,000 tons of scallop shells go to waste every year. Koushi Chemical Industry takes these clamshells and combines them with recycled plastic to create a new raw material that can be used to make protective clothing. What was once the protective shell of a shellfish now becomes a protective headgear for workers at the fishing community. The shells are washed, sterilized, pulverized and then turned into pellets by mixing it with recycled plastic. The pellets are then poured into molds and formed into shape. Based on the idea of biomimicry, Quantum incorporated a unique rib structure in its design that mimics the structure of the clamshells, which could increase the strength of the helmet by approximately 33%. Shellmet is available in five colors, however safety standard certification is still in the works.

SHELLMET|Protect Heads, and the Earth.