SCIENCE: Plant-Based Glitter.

21. December 2021 | Material | via


Glitter made from plants (Credit: BENJAMIN DROUGUET /

Scientists developed a roll-to-roll deposition process to create structurally coloured cellulose nanocrystal films and effect pigments in large-scale. They showed how meter-long structurally coloured films can be processed into effect pigments and glitters that are dispersible, even in water-based formulations. “Such plant-based glitter could make arts and crafts more eco-friendly. It also could be used to make shiny pigments for paints, makeup or packaging”, Maria Temming stated in her article on Their inspiration came from the African plant Pollia Condensata. It grows bright, iridescent blue fruits which are known as marble berries. In these berries, cellulose fibers reflect light in specific ways to create a metallic blue hue. The environmental impacts of this new glitter has yet to be tested. However Silvia Vignolini, the corresponding author of this research, is confident that natural materials have a bright future.

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