RECYCLING: Tote bags made from discarded festival tents.

03. December 2019 | Waste, Material | via


Bags from the discarded tent fabric. (Credit:

Textile designer Rachel Kelly is one person who saw the laziness left in the wake of multi-day music events and decided there was an opportunity, according to an article on Partnering with Pitch Music Festival last year, she hung around after the crowd disappeared and started to stuff her hatchback with as many abandoned tents as would fit. She hardly made a dent in the number that were left and watched as garbage trucks collected the rest. Her sustainable concept label, E tū, launched in November at Australia’s largest sustainable fashion show, Undress Runway. An exhibition featuring video, photography and prototype samples accompanied the launch and deciphered the step-by-step process Rachel went through to create the collection. It also illuminated E tū’s raison d’être: to be a space to explore sustainable textile innovation and create environmentally-friendly solutions.