RECYCLING: Sockets And Switches Made From Bones.

14. March 2022 | Waste, Material | via


Souhaïb Ghanmi, Elos collection, 2022. (Credit: Noé Cotter)

For his diploma project, Swiss-Tunisian designer Souhaïb Ghanmi designed Ecol, a range of entirely plastic-free electric sockets and light switches made from a bone powder composite material. Ghanmi aims to limit waste streams that already exist, thus making the more than 130 billion kilograms of bone waste produced by slaughterhouses each year an available, biodegradable, and highly technical resource. According to Ghanmi, the bone material is durable yet easy to work with, plus it also has good electrical insulation properties. To make sure the material does not decompose right away, the bone marrow is removed first. Then the bones get cleaned and dried before they can be ground to fine powder. Then the material is mixed with a binder and cast into the desired shape. Ghanmi is working to optimize the durability and recyclability of its bone composite so that it can be powdered and formed into new products.


Souhaïb Ghanmi, Elos collection, 2022. (Credit: Noé Cotter)