RECYCLING: Paper Bin Made From Paper.

22. March 2022 | Material | via


Paper Paper Bin by Fritz Jakob (Credit:

Swiss designer Fritz Jakob teamed up with isolation material manufacturer Isofloc to create PAPER PAPER BIN. A bin made for paper, from paper. The bin is made from isofloc SOLID, a material that was developed as part of the research project Aesthetics Of Sustainability (AOS). The loose flocks, shredded from 100% recycled newspaper, are turned into a solid fiber board that either comes in sheets or can directly be moulded into any three-dimensional shape. Isofloc SOLID is very light, yet strong and flexible. By just adding 4% of water soluble PVA glue, the solid material stays 100% recycled and also recyclable. Through the bin's material and the shape of the slot it clearly communicates to get fed with paper waste.