RECYCLING: Hand-Cranked Plastic Extruder.

03. November 2021 | Plastics, Material | via


Hand-Cranked Plastic Extruder. (Credit:

Social enterprise Precious Plastic Melbourne just launched the world's first hand-cranked plastic extrusion machine, designed for filling moulds, making filament and crafting jewellery. This simple to use single-screw design was created specifically for schools, small business and community groups looking to recycle their own waste into valuable and purposeful items. Precious Plastic develops and shars machines and techniques to empower people around the world to start recycling plastic. They are creating disruptive design ​to positively impact the planet, striving for better outcomes for traditionally non-recyclable products, and providing accessible, local manufacturing solutions.

Benchtop Extrusion Machine | Turn your plastic waste into products