RECYCLING: Carbon Capture And Storage Paint.

07. October 2021 | Waste, Material | via Celour


Celour - a paint that captures and stores CO2 (Credit: Kukbong Kim)

London based architect and designer Kukbong Kim developed a paint called Celour that captures and stores CO2. Celour is made from Waste Concrete Powder (WCP), which is a byproduct derived from the concrete recycling process. While only aggregates are reused, WCP usually ends up in landfills, where it pollutes water and soil. Compared to other carbon capture storage methods, mineral carbonation stores CO2 in a stable form for a long time. For 135 g of fully carbonated Celour, 27 g op CO2 will be sequestered - that's about the same amount of what a tree absorbs per day.