PACKIOLI: Zero Waste Packaging Material.

07. October 2022 | Material, Waste | via


“Packioli” - 100% biodegradable soap packaging with water-resistant properties. (Credit: Alara Ertenü)

Turkey-based industrial design student, bio-designer and material researcher Alara Ertenü created “Packioli”, a series of 100% biodegradable soap packaging with water-resistant properties made from waste artichoke leaves and peapods. “Packioli” is said to be compatible with easy manufacturing methods such as heat sealing and meets the hygiene, logistics, and endurance needs of commercial soap brands and businesses. The edge-sealed wrappers perform as natural moisturizers and come with plant-based coloration derived from beetroot and turmeric. “Packioli” manages to preserve itself for up to a week after contact with water, then completely degrades in water after 10 to 15 days. In Turkey 40 tons of artichokes are produced annually. According to, artichoke is mainly directed to market consumption and industrial processing, both processing a considerable amount of wastes (around 50% of the total input). Leaves, bracts of heads and 30% of the edible part of the vegetable are discarded. With “Packioli”, Alara Ertenü offers artichoke waste a chance to get recycled.