MATERIAL: Fully Circular Construction Panels.

28. January 2022 | Material | via


Fully Circular Construction Panels. (Credit:

HONEXT is an innovative Barcelona-based company that manufactures a carbon-neutral, circular, biotech process that upcycles waste fibres into fully recyclable, non-toxic panels. They use the sludge waste from paper mills as main raw material. The HONEXT Industrial Process is bio-based, zero-waste, and resin-free. It reinforces and protects the bonds between cellulose fibres, creating 100% recyclable fibreboards with no added emissions of VOCs such as formaldehyde. HONEXT panels have a wide range of applications for the interior furniture and built environment. The material can be cut, drilled and sanded. Their Barcelona Factory is designed to have zero environmental impact: gas and electricity are generated through waste digestion, and process water is a closed loop, being permanently recycled.