MATERIAL: Biosphere Cellulose Kitchen.

09. July 2022 | Material, Waste | via


The Biosphere Cellulose Kitchen (Credit: / Abi Lambert / Silt Studio)

Atlanta-based design researcher, bioartist and material scientist Abi Lambert teamed up with furniture manufacturer Silt Studio to create a kombucha cellulose lab table, called The Biosphere Cellulose Kitchen. The project aims to explore how the production of bacterial cellulose, as a replacement for single-use plastic, could be integrated into our everyday routines. “In between doing your laundry and taking out the trash, you could be fermenting, washing, and drying cellulose right at home.”, Abi explains on her website. “While this exhibition shows how individuals can replace their single-use plastic waste with cellulose, the ultimate goal is to develop new methods and tools that empower manufacturers to produce biomaterials at scale.” The exhibition is concocted by Biosphere Atlanta, whose mission is to create a more equitable and rewarding future for Atlanta over the next 100 years, through applied research, design, and community engagement.

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