INNOVATION: Insulated packaging made from pure straw.

25. January 2019 | Material | via

Landbox® Hemp – Flexible hemp fleece for small boxes (Credit:

The Landpack® GmbH is specialised on the development, production, and marketing of environmentally friendly packaging, especially for grocery logistics. Our self-developed and internationally protected Landbox® is the first radical ecological insulation packaging globally comparable to styrofoam. The Landbox® consists of pure straw – without additives. The packaging stands out: ecological, shock-absorbing, moist-regulating, volume-reducing, and optically appealing – with extraordinary performance.

Landpack® is the first company globally, which is able to process the abundant resource straw without massive use of adhesives. The procedure is protected by international laws. The required, fully automatic installation was self-developed within three years.

Landpack controls every step of the process from sowing to harvesting and processing of the straw and guarantees constant quality. Our quality management system ensures constant standards and performance according to the high requirements of food products.

Sustainable insulation packaging made from straw and hemp.