INNOVATION: Growing Living Colors.

06. October 2020 | Material | via


Microbial enzymes, re-engineered to produce brilliant and effective dyes from renewable resources (Credit:

French biotechnology start-up PILI bio-fabricates sustainable color dyes with the help of microorganisms and the process of fermentation. Microorganisms breaking down renewable plant-based matter like sugar or wood, to reshape it into dyes. This process requires no fossil fuels and no toxic inputs, and produces no harmful byproducts, making their bacterial biofactories both highly efficient and non-polluting.

PILI aims to radically change the textile industry, reducing its reliance on synthetic dyes as well as the huge amount of water pollution produced by dyeing facilities.

They also created a KIT that lets you experience the magic process of growing your own ink.

Pili - We Biofabricate Living Colors