INNOVATION: Bio-On will pioneer Bioplastics in electronic sector.

15. January 2019 | Plastics, Material | via

ELOXEL, the new company created by Bio-on.

In the next few years the development of new electronic products will be based more and more on eco-sustainable organic materials such as bioplastic, which will allow to realize extremely innovative solutions. For this reason, Bio-on, listed on the AIM of Italian Stock Exchange and active in the high-quality bioplastic sector, announces the establishment of ELOXEL SpA, of which Bio-on and Kartell each hold the 50%.

Bio-on with the support of Kartell accelerates the development of organic electronics based on Bio-on technologies to quickly acquire a leading position in this rapidly growing sector. The researches in this field have already been conducted over 2 years in the Bio-on laboratories and during this year the first world-wide patents were deposited based on bioplastic, natural and 100% biodegradable, in the field of new batteries and full green piezoelectric materials.

ELOXEL operates in the field of flexible and wearable organic electronics, also single-use, to meet the growing need of consumers to have personal and portable energy always available. In this context, and exploiting the piezoelectric properties of Bio-on bioplastic (PHB), namely the ability to produce and store electrical energy as a result of mechanical stress, it is possible to develop membranes or devices to be integrated into clothes and fabrics keeping intact the mechanical properties or new generation batteries. The application fields are the most varied, from the consumer electronic sector to the biomedical one.

The new materials developed by ELOXEL will also contribute – like all Bio-on biopolymer-based applications – to limiting the new environmental emergency created by the huge amount of electronic waste exacerbated by the fact that current electronic devices do not allow efficient recycling processes and often contain highly toxic and hazardous components (e.g. lead / lithium batteries).