INNOVATION: A natural self-assembling material.

02. November 2019 | Material | via


(Mycofoam image courtesy of Materia)

According to an article on, mushrooms are one of the oldest organisms that have existed on our planet, approximately 700 million years before plants ever came to our existence. The potential and power these living beings have are exponential. Some designers and technologists are using nature’s finest organism to create bricks, furniture, textiles and fuel.

Mycelium are the roots of the fungus which is the vegetative part of the fungus. They branch out with a thread-like construction and are found on soil and in other substrates.

Mycelium grows all around the world and the feedstock is adapted depending on where the production is taking place. For example if the Myco Foam was being produced in China the feedstock could be rice husks rather than corn husks which would be best in the US.