INNOVATION: A 100% biodegradable organic plastic made from milk waste.

07. November 2019 | Material, Plastics | via


QMILK is a patented, specially designed spinning process. (Credit: QMILK)

It all started with a research from Anke Domaske who originally was trying to find chemically untreated clothing for her stepfather with cancer. Eventually milk proteins came to her interest, which had already been processed into textiles since the 1930s. However, those fibers were treated with various chemicals and produced in a rather complex process, as shown in the video below.

Lanital - The wool made from milk.

2 Mio. Tons of Milk are disposed every year!

The QMILK polymer is based on a milk protein called casein which is extracted from raw milk that isn’t marketable and in accordance to legal regulations should not be used as food. This milk is discarded. Although it is not suitable for consumption, the milk still contains valuable ingredients and is a very precious commodity, that offers a big potential for technical purposes.

Our vision is the revolution of the milk market with a unique concept. We are working to build the first logistics system for the collection of non-food milk to ensure a zero waste production from raw material to the final product.