INDIA: The world's biggest beach cleanup.

05. March 2020 | Social, Politics, Initiatives, Waste | via

Afroz Shah


For more than three years, Afroz has been leading volunteers in manually picking up trash from Versova beach and teaching sustainable waste practices to villagers and people living in slums along the coastline and the creeks leading into it.

The movement has grown to see over 70,000 adults and 60,000 students come together over three years to help rid the beach of trash. The increase of volunteers is largely due to Afroz’s efforts on social media, of which WhatsApp is a key vehicle being used across all denominations and social strata - particularly for communicating the dates, time and location of the cleanup. Afroz chooses Broadcast Lists as his favorite feature for communicating the details of the clean-up, which then spreads as recipients pass the message along via their own contacts and groups.

The Man Clearing 9,000 Tons of Trash From Mumbai’s Beaches