EXPERIMENT: 3D Molded-Pulp Object Made From Paper.

22. July 2021 | Material | via xyzaidan.com


3D Molded-Pulp Object Made From Paper. (Credit: xyzaidan.com)

Mechanical Engineering student Aidan Leitch developed a process to turn waste paper into a three-dimensional material, using as little as a 3D printer, a blender, a vice, and a pinch of rice. To mold old paper or cardboard into a 3D molded-pulp object, the paper needs to be blended into a wet pulp with a water-soluble binder, then compacted into a 3D printed press mold. The resulting material has the texture of paper, but is as hard and rigid as plastic, moldable into an infinite variety of shapes, and completely biodegradable.

“My biggest hope is that this project inspires people and makers to explore new uses for our everyday waste materials and find new substitutes for plastic. I’ve only scratched the surface of this topic, so by sharing my work, I hope I pave the way for others to continue it.” Aidan Leitch states on his website.

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