ENVIRONMENT: Tyre Particles on the rise.

28. April 2022 | Waste, Plastics | via Thetyrecollective.com


The Tyre Collective aims to prevent tyre particles from entering our environment. (Credit: Thetyrecollective.com)

The Tyre Collective is a London-based innovation company spearheading tyre wear capture and monitoring. They state that “tyre wear is the second largest source of microplastics in our oceans and a major contributor to air (PM) pollution.” The No. 9 London bus, for instance, on average releases 4.65g per journey and a total of 65g a day. This will only increase due to heavier weight of electric vehicles. The Tyre Collective's mission is to prevent these tyre particles from entering our environment by building an innovative tyre wear capturing device and closing the loop by upcycling captured material. The device is positioned close to where the tyre meets the road. Consulting with the Imperial Department of Aeronautics they identified this position to take advantage of airflow around a spinning wheel. The device currently captures 60% of all airborne particles on their test rig.

The Tyre Collective