EDUCATION: “Still Available In The Ocean”.

01. September 2021 | Plastics, Initiatives, Social | via


Awareness campaign by Fundacion Meri and Plastic Oceans. (Credit:

Chile-based creative director Nicolás Pérez Godoy, currently leading the creative department at BERLÍN, created a campaign for FUNDACIÓN MERI & PLASTIC OCEANS to raise awareness and help educate people to protect marine biodiversity from plastic pollution. The campaign “Still Available In The Ocean” uses arresting imagery of artfully displayed vintage trash with the appearance of pollution that has washed ashore, Charlotte Beach explains in her article on

 “Stories about people on beaches finding plastic trash from discontinued brands and products that no longer exist are more common these days. The main reason behind this fact is that plastic can take 500 years to biodegrade in the ocean”, Nicolás Pérez commented on his artwork.

Plastic Ocean (United Nations)