EARTH FLOW: The On-Site Compost Machine.


Earth Flow - by Green Mountain Technologies. (Credit:

Earth Flow is an award-winning auger mixing system created by Green Mountain Technologies that shreds and aerates compost. The computer controlled mixing system provides daily mixing and aeration for the compost inside the Earth Flow. The stainless steel inclined auger is mounted on a carriage that moves side-to-side and front-and-back within the vessel. The auger churns and shreds the compost in the vessel, advancing it slowly toward the discharge end. A control panel allows for automatic operation with multiple mix patterns and programmable timer cycles. The drive motors are controlled by efficient variable frequency drives to regulate the auger speed while minimizing the use of electricity. A big advantage of an in-vessel composting machine is that it mitigates all the smelly, stinky aura. There will be no off-gassing, no rodents nor pest problems. Compostable materials can be added daily to the loading end of the Earth Flow. The typical process time for the waste to flow through the vessel is 14 to 21 days. As the organic waste converts into compost, its volume is reduced by about 50-60% allowing compost to be unloaded about once a week.

The COMPOST MACHINE pt.1: What is it and how did it get to HAWAI'I?