DESIGN: The Craft-Techmen Project.

23. January 2021 | Material | via


Hairdryer - designed by Studio Kodai Shimizu (Credit:

With “The Craft-Techmen Project”, Netherlands based designer Kodai Shimizu aims to add new values to our everyday electronic products, which usually are doomed to be discarded after a rather short lifecycle. Kodai Shimizu suggests the introduction of new materials and techniques in order to make them become repairable and give them the chance to be handed down to next generations. A conductive thread introduces new functions. 

“By rotating a certain part, the sewed conductive threads are adjusted to different levels of contact which causes voltage variations. The system can be adapted to different functions by reprogramming the microcomputer, for instance, changing volume on a speaker, temperature for a hairdryer, or channels on a radio.”

These appliances are prototypes and Kodai Shimizu is currently looking for collaborations in order to realise his ideas and put them into action.

How Japanese Designer Kodai Shimizu is changing our perception of disposable product designs.