CIRCULARITY: Material Grown From Food Waste.

22. September 2021 | Waste, Material | via

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Packaging material grown from food waste. (Credit:

Poland-based future farmers duo MakeGrowLab developed a material that is meant to replace plastic packaging for the cosmetic and food industry. Scoby Packaging Materials™ (SPM) is a bio-fabricated plastic foil-like material grown from food waste. SPM grows in just a couple of days in a vertical, automatic process that efficiently outgrows forest sourced cellulose. This form of pure cellulose has unique features that do not require petroleum-based additives and other non biodegradable and toxic substances. The material serves as an oxygen and a microbial barrier. It is insoluble in water and impermeable to water which makes it a great alternative to plastic-coated paper and plastic foils. From bags to sachets, the material can be used for all kinds of packaging and wrapping that might normally be done with plastic.

SCOBY: packaging by MakeGrowLab (Roza Rutkowska)