CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Sustainable footwear designed for recycling.

10. August 2020 | Material | via Vesica Piscis Footwear


Sustainable footwear from spain. (Credit: Vesicapiscisfootwear)

Spanish company Vesica Piscis aims to produce only what's needed. That means they do not have stock, but they start production once an order is placed. For their production of handmade sneakers and flip-flops they only use animal free, organic and recycled raw materials. They encourage you to participate in their recycling program by providing recycling video tutorials and offering discounts.

According to their website, Vesica Piscis aims to reduce their impact in its entirety, minimizing both the use of virgin materials and the production of waste. They aim to create ecological, vegan, sustainable, recycled and, above all, recyclable footwear.

Recyclable footwear