CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Rebirth of cotton fibers.

01. October 2020 | Material, Waste | via InfinitedFiber


Safes up to 20.000 liters of water for 1 kg of cotton (Credit:

Finland based startup InfintedFiber offers a technology that allows textile waste to be used over and over again while preserving 100% of its quality. By liquefying cotton and wood waste they are creating a sirup-like raw material, which then again will be used to create new textile fibers. The result is set to be a high quality cotton-like material, ready to be spun into a yarn that fits your needs. According to their website, their technology is applicable to existing pulp and viscose fiber factories and it eliminates the use of Carbon disulphide CS2 – the most challenging and hazardous chemical.

InfinitedFiber Film high color 2018