CIRCULAR DESIGN: The Eternal Trench Coat.


The Eternal Trench Coat - Filippa K (Credit:

In cooperation with “The Circular Design Speeds / Design For Performance'', skandinavian sustainable fashion brand Filippa K developed, what they call “The Eternal Trench Coat'' - a timeless classic trench style topper for all seasons. The 100% recyclable garment for the coat is made from 100% recycled materials, such as PET bottles. By encouraging the wearer to mend and repair the garment, the lifetime of the product could be extended even further and supports the idea to pass the coat on to a new owner if necessary. To color "The Eternal Trench Coat", they partnered with “We aRe SpinDye”, which resulted in a 90% reduction of chemical usage, 75% reduction of energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint than a typical dyeing process. Read more...

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