BIOPLASTICS: Carbon-negative raincoat made from algae.

16. November 2019 | Material | via


"All of the threads and fasteners that bring the jacket together are also fossil-carbon-free," said McCurdy. (Credit:

New York designer Charlotte McCurdy has fashioned a water-resistant jacket from a plastic made of algae, which captures existing CO2 from the atmosphere, according to an article on The garment is made from a bioplastic material McCurdy developed that consists entirely of biopolymers derived from algae.

"The jacket is carbon-negative because it is made of marine macro-algae that expands our ability to meet our needs with 'present-tense sunlight'," the Rhode Island School of Design graduate told Dezeen.

"This algae plastic is made of carbon that has been drawn from the carbon reservoir of the atmosphere and put into the stock of carbon of our built environment."