BIODEGRADATION: Eco-Sneaker Made From Dog Hair.

12. January 2021 | Material, Waste | via


Sneature - A biodegradable sneaker. (Credit:

Germany based designer Emilie Burfeind created “Sneature”, a sneaker like shoe made entirely of renewable and waste materials. The shoe membrane is made of 3D-knitted dog hair while biobased rubber and plastic is used to attach the mushroom mycelium sole.

“The sneaker was segmented into functional and structural areas (membrane, transition, sole) in order to implement the tested materials in a suitable way, taking into account the functional properties of the different areas. Because of the possible integration into an industrial production process, the membrane – the integrative core of the shoe – was created using a 3D-knitting technique. In order to approach the problem and conceptualize a solution, a fundamental factor for the ecological properties of every product – the material was examined. The design is based on a series of material experiments with natural raw fibers,” says Burfeind.