BAMBUCICLETAS: Custom Bikes Made From Bamboo.

08. July 2022 | Material | via


Custom bikes made from bamboo by Masuelli Design (Credit:

Masuelli Design creates custom bicycles made from bamboo wood. Founder Nicolás Masuelli himself is said to be one of the first who adopted bamboo material to create bikes, which he dubbed Bambucicletas. The engineer and bike enthusiast also created the world’s first bamboo folding bicycle and carbon fiber bicycles, among many other models and has been traveling the world with many of them. According to Masuelli, bamboo is an excellent material for bicycle construction: its resistance is equal to that of steel and its natural flexibility absorbs the bumps of the road and ensures a comfortable, cushioned and smooth ride. 

BambuBici: bamboo bikes by Nico Masuelli