BAMBOOBEE: Bamboo Bike Building Kit.

24. January 2023 | Material | via

Bamboobee_01_Zeichenfläche 1

Build your own bamboo bike with this Bamboobee bike kit. (Credit:

Bamboobee is a kickstarter project founded by Singapore-based adventurer Sunny Chuah, who cycled 6,103 km around Central Asia on his self-crafted bamboo bicycle. Bamboobee offers an intelligent kit that allows you to build a bike in just 5 hours. Additionally you can download and share bike designs via an app. “At Bamboobee, our designs fuse art and function together in expertly crafted works of beauty. One of our first products is our bamboo bicycle, which is a perfect match for people who appreciate the iconic inspiration that nature provides, as well as unique design and high attention to detail.” he states on his website. “Bamboobee is a brand that incorporates timeless style into your everyday life.” 

Assembly of Bamboobee BIY Bike Kit