ART: Colonies Of Colors.

08. December 2021 | Material | via

dasha-plesen-mold-fungi-studies-3 Kopie

Bacterial and fungal freedom by Daria Fedorova (Credit: Daria Fedorova / Dashaplesen)

In her fungi projects, Russian artist Daria Fedorova, also known as Dasha Plesen, creates colorful compositions by cultivating microorganisms. The basic concept of her works is about bacterial and fungal freedom. In the process of creation, Daria is acting like a catalyst. She uses bacteria as her paints and fungus as her canvas. The person credited with pioneering this kind of art is Alexander Fleming, the scientist who discovered the antibiotic properties of Penicillin. Daria developed her own methodology of cultivation including her very own recipes. Each sample needs several days to a few weeks of incubation in order to transform into a piece of  agar art. The artworks are alive.

Using Bacteria As Paint (Art Insider)