AIR MEAT: Meat Made From Air.

09. May 2022 | Material | via


Air meat by “Air Protein”. (Credit:

California-based startup “Air Protein” is crafting meatless meat through air fermentation. Inspired by NASA, “Air Protein” is using a novel technique to convert elements found in the air around us into protein using probiotic cultures, same as NASA did during the 1970s space program to feed astronauts on long space journeys. Air meat is crafted through a process similar to how beer and yogurt are made and can be produced exponentially faster than traditional meat production. “Elements of the air are whisked together with their cultures until they produce protein within a matter of hours. The protein that the cultures produce is harvested and purified, then dried to remove water. The result is a super-clean, protein-packed flour—nutritious, versatile, and ready to be turned into any meat. Finally, in a process much like the way you might turn flour into pasta, they apply culinary techniques to Air Protein flour to create textures and flavors as we work to give air meat the same great taste and texture as traditional chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.”

Air Protein: Founder Dr. Dyson - We Make Meat from Air