WATERLIGHT: Electrical Power From Salt Water.

28. May 2022 | Material, Initiatives | via waterlight.com.co


Electrical power from salt water - The E-Dina WaterLight. (Credit: Waterlight.com.co)

Bogota-based renewable energy start-up E-Dina teamed up with creative agency Wunderman Thompson Colombia to build a revolutionary device that is able to transform half a liter of salt water into 45 days of light. WaterLight is a portable device that produces energy from ionization, a process where an electrolyte made up of saltwater sparks a chemical reaction. This transforms the magnesium on the inside into electrical energy. The device can also be used to recharge cell phones or the like. WaterLight is made from 100% recyclable materials and has an expected lifetime of around 5,600 hours.

WaterLight - The clean energy revolution is here