UPCYCLING: Sápu turns household fats into soap.

28. October 2019 | Waste, Material | via Dezeen.com


Sápu provides a solution for what to do with used cooking oils. (Credit: Dezeen.com)

Sápu, which is Icelandic for "soap", is a kitchen product that aims to encourage homeowners to collect and repurpose their own fat, oil and grease (FOG) waste from cooking by turning it into natural soap, says Natashah Hitti in her article on Dezeen.com. 

Developed as a more environmentally friendly alternative to sink disposal methods, the project aims to address the pressing future issue of water pollution. The Sápu device offers a solution to the "common issue" of not knowing what to do with cooking byproducts, which are typically washed down the sink and contribute to water pollution or infrastructure issues such as fatbergs. Coffey designed the product in response to a brief set for the university by the Room Y innovation department at British department store John Lewis. Students were tasked with developing a proposal that makes use of untapped or neglected resources in the urban environment as a way of addressing the challenges of climate change, population growth and dwindling resources.