UPCYCLING: Peter Marigold's pocket-sized FORMcard melts into mouldable plastic glue.

21. December 2018 | Material | via Dezeen.com

Peter Marigold's credit card-shaped FORMcard is made from mouldable, reusable bioplastic. (Credit: Dezeen.com)

The credit card-shaped piece of plastic softens in a cup of hot water, allowing it to be moulded into new forms, or used to repair objects. According to an article on Dezeen.com the starch-based material adheres to other plastics when warm, so can be used to fix broken plastic toys or other items.

Designer Peter Marigold says that FORMcard's reusable plastic is strong enough to be used as a makeshift wrench. (Dezeen.com)

FORMcard can be re-used by immersing it into hot water to soften again, and according to Marigold is as strong as nylon. The designer worked closely with the moulders, colourant suppliers and chemical company that produces the plastic to create a product that would be completely food-safe and biodegradable yet still bright coloured. This meant using powder pigments instead of universal pigments, which contain styrenes, hazardous chemicals that are common in many plastic products. The plastic FORMcard is made of is usually supplied in granulated form, which has restricted its everyday use. Marigold hopes that providing it in a convenient card shape will encourage more people to experiment with it.

FORMcard launched on Kickstarter today, and is seeking £3,500 of funding to be put into production.

Peter Marigold's remouldable bioplastic FORMcard melts into plastic glue.