SWAY: Flexible Packaging Solutions Derived From Seaweed.

01. July 2023 | Material | via swaythefuture.com


Sway harnesses the power of seaweed to create home-compostable replacements for plastic packaging. (Credit: swaythefuture.com)

San Francisco based biotech company Sway makes home-compostable packaging derived from seaweed, a naturally abundant and regenerative resource. Seaweed is the foundation of all Sway products. Sway's flexible packaging solution technically outperforms petroleum plastic, too. It mimics the compelling properties of plastic, but avoids its drawbacks and can even be composted in your backyard after use. “Sway embodies all three pillars of the circular economy: Design out waste, keep materials in use, and regenerate natural systems. This methodology is reflected in our portfolio of products and throughout our entire value chain. With a holistic approach, we can replenish social and ecological systems harmed by climate change and plastic pollution.” they state on their website.

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