SUSTAINABILITY: Toys from reclaimed rubberwood.

19. January 2021 | Material | via PlanToys


Sustainable toys made from reclaimed rubber trees. (Credit:

Thailand based toys manufacturer PlanToys aims to educate and inspire society to prioritize environmental preservation, child safety as well as physical and cognitive development. Instead of cutting down living trees, PlanToys uses local rubber trees that no longer produce latex, normally scheduled to be burned, to craft their toys. By applying innovative eco-friendly manufacturing methods and using green materials, they want to help pave a sustainable path for children.

“Sustainable Play is the foundation of how our toys cultivate creative minds and bring children closer to nature. Our children will grow up with knowledge and appreciation to respect and to preserve natural resources for the future generation knowing that they can make the world a better place.”

PlanToys also receives the FSC Chain of Custody Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

PlanToys - Sustainable Play HD