SUSTAINABILITY: Re-think takeaway food packaging.

20. July 2020 | Material, Plastics | via PriestmanGoode


Sustainable food packaging (Credit: PriestmanGoode, Carolyn Brown)

London-based design consultancy PriestmanGoode has created a range of bento-style food containers for takeaway deliveries based on circular design principles, as part of the Wallpaper* Re-Made project. PriestmanGoode encourages you to rethink takeaway culture in terms of re-usability, sustainability, compatibility between restaurants, dining experience and delivery quality. The Bioplastic-based containers are made from a by-product from the cacao industry and has been created by designer Paula Nerlich. The handles (by Yulex) are made from Lexcell - a 100% plant based, neoprene-free specialty natural rubber material which is sourced only from plantations with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

“We looked at a broad spectrum of materials, from those that are at an early stage of development, to commercially available materials made from byproducts, and low impact materials derived from nature, that will either biodegrade or can be reused.” explains Maria Kafel Bentkowska, Head of CMF.