SUSTAINABILITY: Flatpack origami plant pots are eco-friendly and water themselves.

22. November 2019 | Material | via


The designers used mostly recycled polypropylene, which they sourced from nearby locations. (Credit:

POTR pots are 100 times more carbon efficient than traditional plant pots and - according to an article on - are made from recycled plastic plus arrive in net shape before being unfolded.

the origami POTR pots arrive with a quick draw cotton cord, which pulls up around the plant, transforming it into a multi-faceted plant pot. after adding water, the cord can be placed with one end in the reservoir and the other into the soil—allowing the plant to draw up moisture when it needs it. the semi-transparent design makes it easy to see when water is running low.

POTR pots were created by engineers andrew flynn and martin keane who met while studying in glasgow. the pair bonded over their love of plants and their desire to create something with as little impact on the planet as possible.