SUPRAPULP: Non-Coated Compostable Food Packaging.

01. September 2023 | Material | via


Compostable, non-coated food packaging solution from a new material called SupraPulp. (Credit: w-cycle)

SupraPulp, developed by Israeli packaging company W-Cycle, is a patented, field-tested, liquid and oil proof food packaging solution made from 100% natural abounded materials. Unlike other bagasse solutions, Suprapulp is what they call the first-ever compostable, commercially competitive, non-coated packaging solution that is completely unaffected by liquids and oils. Their biodegradable trays are made by combining sugarcane and eucalyptus pulp as well as other organic materials that are industrial byproducts that would otherwise go to waste. Once the mixture has a porridge-like consistency, it is poured into container molds, and baked until dry. All that is needed to increase the trays’ resilience is a little SupraPulp that is added while the pulps are being combined. Food packaging with SupraPulp can be used for hot, wet, and greasy foods. It will not leak nor absorb liquids and oils. It can be used to bake or heat food in up to 270˚c and freeze in as low as -40˚c. The packaging is also said to be freezer, microwave & oven safe.