RE•BORN: Baby Items Made Circular.

05. June 2023 | Material | via


re•born - baby items made from walnut shells ( Credit:

re-born is a collection of baby products by Slovenian designer Lara Baler that by their very nature have a short lifespan, as baby products are short-lived items that you quickly outgrow. While "The toy industry is one of the most plastic-intensive industries in the world," according to a 2014 UNEP report, this can also offer great opportunities for a transition to biomaterials. The Reborn range of baby items is made from Nuxit, a novel biomaterial derived from waste walnut shells discarded by the food industry. It is a natural material that does not contain synthetic or toxic binders, thus providing a fully biodegradable and sustainable bio-composite. Nutrix is a strong material with a smooth surface and a warm touch. Regarding tensile strength, hardness and breakage the material has similar properties to conventional thermoplastic and can be milled, cut, drilled, engraved, sanded as well as reshaped by heating. Along with baby products, the material is also suitable for indoor furniture. After usage the products can be handed over to next generations or discarded guilt-free, since the material breaks down without intensive processing. When in contact with microorganisms, it biodegrades in 4-5 months, thus providing nutrients for the soil. Besides, it can also be reintegrated into the manufacturing operation at the end of its life.

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