POLLINATOR KIT: Bio-Based Casting Resins For Everyone.

26. September 2023 | Material | via pollinatorkit.com


Algae base casting kit - Pollinator Kit (Credit: Checkerspot.com)

California-based biotechnology company Checkerspot has introduced a set of casting kits named the Pollinator Kits, aimed at empowering creative individuals with sustainability in mind. These kits come complete with resin, a mixer, a mold, a selection of pigment options (all derived from algae), and gloves. Checkerspot utilizes biotechnology to extract oil from algae, a process conducted in large industrial facilities in Brazil. This microalgal oil is then combined with sugar and water to create the final product, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for creative projects. "The Pollinator Series Cast Polyurethane System is formulated to function similarly to conventional hand-mixable cast polyurethane. So you can make durable, high-detail, long lasting parts with the same tooling and processes. But now, with fewer fossil fuels." they state on their website.

Checkerspot’s Pollinator Kit for Renewable Design wins SXSW Innovation Award in the Design Category