PLASTIC POLLUTION: “We need to eliminate language pollution first".

29. October 2019 | Social | via



Greenwashing is back, says Marcus Fairs in his article on

As concern about climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and species extinction rises, so too are spurious claims about saving the planet.

Terms like "sustainable", "biodegradable", "compostable" and "circular" increasingly pepper the press releases arriving in Dezeen's inbox. The claims are mostly nonsense. When our reporters follow up with questions asking for more details, brands tend to go suspiciously quiet.

The problem is that terms like these are not well understood, and in some cases have never been precisely defined. They are therefore open to abuse, both accidental and deliberate.

As a blanket term, sustainability is "hard to define," as the Financial Times stated in a recent report on the rise of corporate greenwashing. This didn't stop Italian brand Kartell from announcing a "fully sustainable" bioplastic version of the classic Componibili storage unit earlier this year.