MOJIE RINGO: Design By Nature.

27. May 2021 | via

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“Mojie Ringo” - using sunlight to turn apples into beautiful pieces of art. (Credit: りんご大学 / Youtube)

“Mojie Ringo” is a Japanese technique of using sunlight to apply graphic elements onto apple’s skins. The process is fairly simple: Farmers bag the young fruits in the early stage right at the tree to block them from direct sunlight. After a certain time the bags will be removed and a little sticker will be applied to the apple’s surface. Exposing the fruit to sunlight immediately triggers the production of anthocyanin, a chemical component that turns the skin red. Areas covered with a seal won't turn red, so the artwork will appear clearly on the skin. More infos on Ringo Daigaku, the apple university.

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The Process of “Mojie Ringo”