MICROPLASTICS: Removing microplastics from water using magnetic liquid.

18. January 2020 | Politics, Waste | via Weforum.org


Ferreira tried his experiment out on 10 different types of plastic. (Credit:REUTERS/Eric Gaillard)

Kayaking around the craggy shores of West Cork, in a remote corner of Ireland, Irish teenager scientist Fionn Ferreira’s eye was drawn to the amount of plastic pollution being washed in by the Atlantic, states an article from Sean Fleming on Weforum.org. 

Fionn’s came up with the idea to combine vegetable oil and rust powder to create a ferrofluid – a liquid that acts as a carrier for tiny particles of a magnetic substance. That fluid, he thought, could then be used to capture and extract microplastic particles from water. He was right.


An investigation into the removal of microplastics from water using ferro fluids (V2)