MANGO MATERIALS: Bioplastics from Waste Methane Gas.

17. January 2023 | Material, Waste | via


PHA biopolymers made from waste methane gas (Credit:

Mango Materials is a renewable bioproducts company located in the San Francisco Bay Area that strives to be the global leader in the bio-manufacturing revolution. Mango Materials is comprised of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Their founding scientific team investigated the production of PHA biopolymers from methane and its biodegradation under anaerobic conditions as part of their Ph.D. research at Stanford University. With their methane to PHA platform YOPP+ they aim to solve two environmental issues at once, climate change and plastics pollution. In order to convert abundant methane into PHA, they co-locate with methane producers, such as wastewater treatment plants, landfills and agricultural facilities to explore integration of the methane to PHA technology at their existing facility. Mango Material uses a proprietary platform to deliver optimally-formulated, biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) pellets that incorporate into any supply chain. The pallets can be used for different applications, such as injection molding, melt spinning fibers or film and sheet applications. Their products are fully biodegradable, readily compostable and fully customizable.

Mango Materials: Bioplastics from Waste Methane Gas