MAGEWAPPA: Traditional Japanese lunch boxes.


The oval Magewappa Bento box. (Credit:

Magewappa is traditionally handcrafted from lightweight cedar wood. Its gentle wood aroma perfectly compliments Japanese dishes and it especially brings great ambiance when used to present sushi, states Japan Craftwork Corp. on 

The typical oval lunch Bento box has a lid and a removable divider to separate side dishes from the rice. The cedar wood material is said to have superior moisture absorption characteristics, which keep the food moist and delicious even for hours and due to its antibacterial and antiseptic effects the food inside will be resistant to spoiling.

Magewappa is a craftwork that has been made for about four hundred years in Odate city (Akita prefecture), which is located at the east end of Shirakami Mountains. Odate is also known for one of the most famous cedar growing districts in Japan.

The making of mage-wappa box