INNOVATION: 'zero waste lab' turns plastic waste into 3D-printed street furniture.

01. November 2019 | Plastics, Material, Waste | via

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Images of the waste lab and products (Credit: stefanos tsakiris)

According to an article on, Rotterdam-based research & design studio ‘the new raw’ has further expanded its ‘print your city’ initiative with the zero waste lab in thessaloniki, Greece. The project invites citizens to bring their plastic household waste in the lab, design their own custom street furniture, and 3D-print it with the help of a robotic arm and on-site recycling facilities.

With zero waste lab, the new raw explores the possibility of citizens’ involvement in transforming public spaces through recycling the city’s plastic waste. Part of Coca-Cola’s zero waste future program in Greece, the lab closes the plastic waste loop with advanced technologies at local level. besides transforming waste into furniture, citizens can learn more about the recycling process of plastic, read about the circular economy, and design new items of furniture for their neighborhoods.


The New Raw - Print Your City: Robotic 3D printing with recycled plastics