GREENBOX: Sustainable Food Service Packaging.

21. December 2022 | Material | via


"Häppy Bowl" - made from a composite of wood flour and bio-polymer. (Cedit:

Germany-based Greenbox stands for sustainable and fully CO2-compensated food service packaging made from renewable, recycled or recyclable raw materials, targeting restaurateurs, catering agencies and hoteliers. They offer an extensive range of eco disposable and reusable packaging - partly of their own development and production. Greenbox has been focusing on sustainable packaging in the food service sector for more than ten years now. During this time, they have been creating their own reusable and disposable solutions - such as the Palmware® range or their “Häppy Products'', all made from organic compounds. Their packaging is made of renewable resources, such as sugar cane, bamboo, recycled paper or palm leaf, among other materials. One should mention that sugar cane (or more specifically bagasse) is a by-product from the sugar production industry. Bamboo is a very fast growing raw material that grows continuously despite harvesting and is therefore a precious renewable resource.Their product range includes not only bowls, plates, cups, cutlery and co. but also other items for catering needs, much of it is recyclable and/ or biodegradable. (Website in german language only!)

Greenbox - Intergastra digital - unser TakeAway-Sortiment (German language!)